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The world’s best athletes already know that quality protein is what builds muscle, maximizes results, and keeps them at their best every time they train. Team Rockin’ is proudly behind athletes that don’t compromise on their protein drinks any more than they’d compromise on their ambitions.

And we give them the balanced, delicious beverages their incredible achievements deserve.

Bradley Beal

Professional Basketball Player

Christian Kirk

Professional Football Player

Your fitness goals are unique. With Rockin’ Protein, there’s a great-tasting, quality protein drink to make them happen.

Why Rockin'?

Rockin’ Protein is a delicious protein drink made with Shamrock Farms milk – a healthy on-to-go option to build and recovery tired muscles.

Why Rockin'?

Great-Tasting Protein

From intense workouts to building muscle and keeping trim, there’s a delicious Rockin’ Protein for every fitness goal.


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Whether you’re nurturing sore muscles or pushing yourself to the limit, there’s a protein drink for you.