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With Rockin’ Protein Lean, get a healthy boost of protein to help your body cope with whatever today’s challenges look like.


At just 150 calories, Rockin’ Protein Lean is our lightest way to turn a busy lifestyle into lean muscle.


Get the protein your healthy lifestyle needs, without all the sugars, carbs and additives you’re trying to keep away.

Tone and Nurture
Your lean muscles

When you look good, you feel good. And it’s protein that turns your fit and healthy lifestyle into lean muscle. Rockin’ Protein Lean is a valuable source of protein – without the sugar, carbs and calories you’re trying to keep away. At just 150 calories, it’s 20 grams of natural protein, pure Shamrock Farms milk, and little else.

So you can give your muscles the care they deserve and get the best results from every step on your journey to a balanced lifestyle.